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CEO Founder FlandersToxPath, Certified Digital Pathology

Dr. Elizabeth Neyens is graduated from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands as DVM, & Toxicological Pathologist. During her European residency she was rewarded twice for her research in Oncology and was recognized as best Junior lecturer in Pathobiology. She started her career as a Toxicological Pathologist in Charles River Preclinical Services and continued as Preclinical Head of the Pathology department in Baxter, Austria. A few years later, she decided to return back to Canada in order study for her Boards in Toxicology while assuming different roles as Senior Pathologist in various CRO’s and. She passed successful the American Board in Toxicologist in 2015 and accepted the role of Scientific Advisor for leading CRO in Israel. She specialized in preclinical evaluations/interpretations of small & large molecules, medical devices, ocular diseases and carcinogenicity studies; has broad experience with Drug development of Biologics, Quality Audits, & Regulatory discussions. Recently, she decided to build her own Consultancy Firm ‘ FlandersToxPath-consulting ‘ in Europe with offices in Flanders, Belgium and Vancouver, Canada in order to support her international clients with excellence.

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